Chuck Morse Comments on Maggie Hassan’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve Gimmick

For Immediate Release: 2/25/2022

Contact: Joe Sweeney 603-327-7184

Salem, NH – United States Senate Candidate Chuck Morse released the following statement regarding Senator Maggie Hassan’s latest gimmick regarding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve while refusing to support efforts to increase American energy production:

“A 50 million barrel release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is not a solution to our energy crisis, it is just another Washington DC gimmick from Maggie Hassan. 50 million barrels is 2 and a half days of American oil demand, and only replaces the need for Putin’s blood oil for 19 days. The key to facing our energy and national security crises head on is by increasing domestic energy production, not by sacrificing more barrels out of our reserve. These reckless election year gimmicks from Maggie Hassan must stop before our country gets even weaker because of her and Joe Biden’s policy handbook.”