Chuck Morse Comments on Russia Invading Ukraine

For Immediate Release: 2/22/2022

Contact: Joe Sweeney 603-327-7184

Salem, NH – United States Senate Candidate Chuck Morse released the following statement regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine under President Joe Biden’s watch:

“President Biden’s weak, confusing and repeated foreign policy missteps has emboldened our enemies. First it was allowing Putin to invade Crimea in 2014 with few consequences and then the disastrous surrender and withdrawal from Afghanistan. As a result, Putin had no fear about invading Ukraine. We should have imposed sanctions before a Ukraine invasion not after. The Biden Administration’s war on domestic energy production as well as selling out on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has made the U.S. and Europe beholden to Russian and OPEC nations for energy needs while funding Putin’s war machine. Biden’s warning that energy prices could rise because of the Russia invasion into Ukraine is a direct result of his actions and incompetence. We must show strength not weakness to bullies like Putin. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline should be stopped now while at the same time making us energy independent again. We pray for the people of Ukraine and hope that Biden in the future will exert strength when dealing with bullies in Russia and China.”