Chuck Morse Comments on Russia’s Full Invasion of Ukraine

For Immediate Release: 2/24/2022

Contact: Joe Sweeney 603-327-7184

Salem, NH – United States Senate Candidate Chuck Morse released the following statement regarding the full Russian invasion of Ukraine under President Joe Biden’s watch:

“While missiles and bombs hit Kyiv make no mistake – the Hassan-Biden weakness in Foreign Policy since January 2021 is the main reason for this Russian invasion. Maggie Hassan is always putting her special interests over New Hampshire and American interests. After taking the maximum donation from Nord Stream lobbyists last year, Maggie did no lobbying within her party to pass sanctions last month. Time and time again Hassan shows the height of her political irrelevancy and her tendency to choose gimmicks over sound policy. It needs to be clear to all observing that this invasion and foreign policy crisis was completely avoidable. Just over a year ago a strong America that was united with our European allies was respected by our friends and feared by our potential enemies. Now we are neither respected or feared and the Ukrainian people are paying the price.”