Chuck Morse Comments on the State of the Union Address

For Immediate Release: 3/1/2022

Contact: Joe Sweeney 603-327-7184

Salem, NH – United States Senate Candidate Chuck Morse released the following statement following President Biden’s State of the Union Address:

“Our Nation is in a continuous state of crisis. President Biden and his team outlined a plan to borrow more money which drives up the debt and will in fact increase inflation. We cannot borrow our way to lower inflation; we need to lower borrowing, increase American energy production, and control federal spending. The fantasy that semi conductors is a solution to mounting inflation means the Democrats have no plan to lower inflation for years. Semiconductor factories are not like pop up tents – they take billions in investments and years from start to finish. The Democrats need to get serious about inflation and it starts by reducing federal spending and allow American energy to begin producing our way back to energy independence. From energy to the southern border, to our foreign policy and our looming economic disasters, we can solve the problems in front of us – the American spirit is stronger than the current challenges ahead. It starts with flipping the United States Senate in November. When I’m the 51st Republican vote in the Senate in 2023, we’re going to get our nation back on track the New Hampshire way, not the Washington D.C. way.”