Governor Chris Sununu Endorses Chuck Morse for U.S. Senate

September 8, 2022

Salem, NH - Granite State Small Businessman Chuck Morse released the following statement after receiving the endorsement of the Governor Chris Sununu:

"I'm honored to have Governor Chris Sununu's endorsement and support. The Governor and I have worked together these last 6 years as we've made New Hampshire great again, bringing New Hampshire back to personal & fiscal responsibility. Together we've cut taxes, expanded educational freedom, supported our law enforcement, and made historic improvements to our water infrastructure. The Governor knows what we all know; I am the strongest candidate to take on Maggie Hassan this fall. What unites republicans and independent alike is the singular goal of defeating Maggie Hassan and sending a strong message to Joe Biden that enough is enough. We need to secure our border, make us energy independent again and get federal spending under control."