Morse Blasts Biden/Hassan for Destroying Our Economy

July 11, 2022

Salem, NH - Granite State Small Businessman Chuck Morse released the following statement blasting Joe Biden & Maggie Hassan for blaming everyone but themselves for poor economic realities of their government:

“Make no mistake - Maggie Hassan’s blind support for her best friend Joe Biden has destroyed our economy, eliminated our energy independence, blew open our border, and caused skyrocketing record levels of inflation caused by trillions in new spending. Biden and Hassan have blamed everyone - President Trump, Russia, and Republicans at large - for their failures while Democrats control the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. Their solutions are short-term gimmicks to long-term problems that won’t go away until new leadership in D.C. can get our nation back on track. We need to get back to the economic policies that were thriving under President Trump - we need to declare energy independence, secure our border, and tackle inflation by halting federal spending and cutting pork from the budget. By doing things the 603 Way, not the Washington way, we can put New Hampshire and America First again.”

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