Morse Releases First Broadcast TV Ad

August 3, 2022

Salem, NH - Granite State Small Businessman Chuck Morse released the following statement regarding his first broadcast TV ad, "Work Horse":

“I’m proud that I built my business from scratch with a dedication to hard work, my family, and my conservative values. I’ve demonstrated that work ethic and those values at Freshwater Farms and in the New Hampshire State Senate, and I’ll continue fighting for the 603 Way in the U.S. Senate. A key aspect of running for office in New Hampshire is providing the opportunity for voters to get to know you and learn your story - which is why I am proud to announce the release of our first television ad. I am excited to share my story with voters across the 603, and I’d be honored to have the opportunity to actualize these values down in Washington D.C.”

Our newest broadcast TV ad, “Work Horse” will start its run Wednesday August 3rd. Link to ad.



At work at 4

On the tractor by 7

Working until after dark

Chuck Morse built Freshwater Farms from scratch.

His life defined by hard work, family, and conservative values.

Morse stopped the Democrats income tax.

Wrote the most conservative budget in state history.

Expanded school choice.

A proven conservative.

A man of his word.

A leader ready to defeat the Biden/Hassan liberal agenda.

Chuck Morse:

I’m Chuck Morse and I approve this message.