Morse Slams Biden and Hassan For Most Recent Gas Tax Gimmick

June 22, 2022

Salem, NH - Granite State Small Businessman Chuck Morse slams Biden and Hassan for most recent gimmick regarding Federal & State gas taxes:

“Washington D.C. gimmicks and political games from Joe Biden and Maggie Hassan got us into this energy crisis - they won’t get us out of it. This gimmick represents more short term solutions to long term problems. The Federal Government borrowing billions in order to provide a temporary gas tax holiday will only exacerbate the inflation crisis we are facing. We need to get back to the energy policies we had before President Biden took office - when gas was $2.39 a gallon and America was energy independent. To end this energy crisis we need to produce more North American energy and give producers the clarity stability their investors need from the Federal Government.”


President Biden told reporters he will call upon Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months, while pushing states to suspend their own gas taxes or provide commensurate relief to consumers: