Union Leader Endorses Chuck Morse for United States Senate

August 21, 2022

Our choice is Morse: A hard worker for New Hampshire

Manchester, NH - Granite State Small Businessman Chuck Morse received the endorsement of the New Hampshire Union Leader in the Republican Primary to take on Maggie Hassan - a huge endorsement from New Hampshire's only statewide newspaper with just three weeks until the State Republican Primary.

Some select quotes from the Union Leader Endorsement to highlight:

"New Hampshire Republicans need to put forth the best candidate if they have any hope of defeating Maggie Hassan for a U.S. Senate seat this fall. Chuck Morse is that candidate."

"If one is looking for someone who can effectively represent New Hampshire’s interests in Washington, in the mold of Judd Gregg and Norris Cotton, that’s Chuck Morse."

"If one seeks someone who will work hard at the job and who will know how to cut and when to do so, that would be the Salem farmer who gets up at dawn to manage his business before driving to Concord to protect the taxpayers’ interests. He will do especially well in the U.S. Senate, a more deliberative body that suits his more thoughtful approach."

"It is his record as a small businessman and as state Senate President that makes him far and away the best candidate in the GOP field."

"It is also that history that must alarm Hassan, whose own record both as governor and senator has been weak at best. Morse knows Hassan’s record as governor and will be happy to cite it, chapter and verse."

Read the Full Endorsement here: