Veterans for Morse Coalition Leadership Announced

July 14, 2022

Salem, NH - Granite State Small Businessman Chuck Morse released the following statement along with statements from the Co-Chairs of the newly formed "Veterans for Morse" Coalition:

"I have always fought for our veterans in the State House and I won't stop fighting for them when I'm in the United States Senate. So many Granite Staters have served our nation and they deserve our utmost respect and gratitude for the sacrifices they have made. I'm honored to have U.S. Army veteran State Senator Sharon Carson, U.S. Coast Guard veteran State Senator Regina Birdsell, U.S. Army veteran State Representative Jess Edwards, and U.S. Navy veteran Rob Kasper leading my Veterans for Morse Coalition - a strong group that I will lean on for advice and support throughout this campaign and when I am the 51st vote in the United States Senate."

State Senator Sharon Carson (United States Army): “Senator Morse has a long record of supporting veterans in the State of New Hampshire. As Senate President, he has worked to pass legislation that has had a positive impact on veteran issues that have improved their lives. I’m proud to support Senator Morse and co-chair his veterans coalition with other great New Hampshire veterans.”

State Senator Regina Birdsell (United States Coast Guard): "My time in the United States Coast guard was unique, as women had only started enlisting a few years prior, and our range of specialties was very limited. Since then, I've represented District 19 as State Senator and I've worked to support our servicemen and women under Senate President Chuck Morse's leadership. I am thrilled to be a co-chair leading this coalition to support a candidate whose mentorship helped cultivate my own skill set for our State Senate - Please join me in supporting Senator Morse this fall!"

State Representative Jess Edwards (United States Army): “As a senior member of the House Finance committee and a 33-year Army, I'm an enthusiastic supporter of Chuck Morse for the US Senate. I've watched him lead the NH Senate as Senate President while the Legislature passed conservative budgets and common-sense laws. No one knows what New Hampshire needs from DC as well as Chuck Morse. Further, I recognize and appreciate his leadership presence and skills. My viewpoint is validated by having other great NH Senate leaders on his veteran leadership team, Sharon Carson and Regina Birdsell, as well as Rob Kasper, a 32 year Navy veteran and former Treasurer for the NH GOP.”

Rob Kasper (United States Navy): “As a 32 year Navy veteran and former Treasurer for the NH GOP, I am pleased to be part of the NH veterans endorsing the candidacy of Senator Chuck Morse for the US Senate. I have known Chuck for over 10 years and have always found him to be a knowledgeable and extremely effective legislator and leader as President of the NH State Senate. Chuck is a small businessman who clearly understands the concerns of those struggling to keep their business running in these economically challenging times. A well-grounded New Hampshire native, he will bring common sense values and solutions that are sorely needed in DC. He is not a man of platitudes, his actions and voting record speak volumes for what we can expect from the next Senator from New Hampshire.”