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Meet Chuck Morse

I grew up in Salem, NH. My father was disabled, a veteran, and almost 100% deaf. He struggled with his mental health and holding a job was difficult.  My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up. My mother worked tirelessly to provide for us and never made us feel as though we were wanting for anything, even when we were. Family, hard work and community. These are the things that have defined me as a person more than anything else and are the things that make New Hampshire a special place.

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Senator Morse's Latest Press Release:

Morse Releases Second Broadcast TV Ad

August 17, 2022

Salem, NH - Granite State Small Businessman Chuck Morse released the following statement regarding his second broadcast TV ad, "Hard Work":

“The momentum is with my campaign and it's showing wherever we go across the Granite State. I built my business on hard work, something Biden and Hassan don't understand. As Senate President I beat the Democrats in Concord and I’ll do the same in Washington as New Hampshire's next United States Senator.”

Our newest broadcast TV ad, “Hard Work” will start its run Wednesday August 17th. Link to ad.



Chuck Morse starts his day at four, doesn’t stop until the work’s done.

Morse believes you should keep what you earn,

So Morse stopped the Democrats income tax scheme.

Wrote New Hampshire’s most conservative budget.

And is running to stop Biden/Hassan inflation and higher gas prices.

Chuck Morse:

I built my business on hard work

Something Biden and Hassan can't understand.

I beat the Democrats in Concord.

And I’ll do the same in Washington.

I’m Chuck Morse and I approve this message.


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