Chuck Morse Policy

Fortifying Granite State Defenses

Because of Joe Biden’s policies, every state has become a de facto border state. It’s clear our federal government won’t take action to protect Granite State families. 

Border Patrol agents have estimated that more than ten million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border since Joe Biden took office - that is greater than the entire population of the state of New Hampshire! And even up here in New Hampshire we have felt the effects of the Mexican drug cartels exploiting America’s weak immigration laws to provide cover to their illicit operations. Fentanyl, smuggled across our southern border into the U.S. has become a major problem throughout New Hampshire. Over the past three years, the Granite State has averaged nearly 400 opioid related overdose deaths per year and during that time, 2/3rds of the overdose deaths involved Fentanyl or other synthetic drugs.

As your next Governor, I am committed to stepping up and delivering a resounding message—New Hampshire will not succumb to this crisis. I pledge to be the unwavering voice that our state needs to protect our families here in the Granite State.

  • Crush The Caravan Surge

Democrat initiatives to offer amnesty, along with lavish perks and services to illegal immigrants only encourages the influx of caravans to exploit our weakened border. These initiatives should cease nationally, and as Governor I promise New Hampshire will not be a welcome mat for illegal immigrants, nor will we participate in offering them services here in the Granite State.

  • Outlaw Sanctuary Cities in New Hampshire 

Sanctuary cities act as a magnet for crime, drugs, and gang activity. Democrat-run states such as Massachusetts are emptying community centers, hotels, and telling citizens to house illegal immigrants in their homes to try to accommodate the thousands of unvetted individuals entering their state. And now the price tag is being pushed onto the taxpayer. As Governor, I will staunchly reject the establishment of sanctuary cities and will actively work to fortify our borders and uphold the rule of law.

  • Allow the Enforcement of Trespassing Laws

Allow local police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants for trespassing on privately owned land and allow landowners to post no trespassing signs with exceptions for recreational use without jeopardizing their land use tax status.

  • Recruit, Support and Bolster Local Law Enforcement

I’ve always stood as a staunch defender of New Hampshire’s law enforcement, but we need to do a better job as a state of recruiting law enforcement officers and making this opportunity a lifelong career endeavor. That starts by publicly backing law enforcement and fighting to make sure they have the protections they need to do their job. We must fix the pension system in a compromised approach that does not undermine taxpayers while also fairly compensating these individuals who put their lives on the line every day.

  • Zero Tolerance Policies For Fentanyl Dealers

We need to send a strong message as a state that dealing Fentanyl in New Hampshire is unacceptable. We need to treat Fentanyl with the seriousness it deserves by passing legislation to have the toughest sentences on the books. Anyone who deals Fentanyl in this state needs to be treated like the murderer they are.