603 Alliance Endorses Chuck Morse For New Hampshire Governor

December 8, 2023

Salem, NH - Leading conservative grassroots organization 603 Alliance announced their endorsement of former Senate President Chuck Morse for Governor.

"As a passionate champion of conservative values and a dedicated servant to the citizens of New Hampshire, I am immensely proud to have secured the endorsement of the 603 Alliance," stated Chuck Morse.

"Over more than a decade of legislative service, I have remained steadfast in delivering concrete outcomes for New Hampshire families. My record as a Granite State conservative speaks for itself, boasting substantial tax reductions, staunch defense of our constitutional rights, and an unyielding dedication to advancing the principles of limited government.

"I am proud that the 603 Alliance recognizes that record and will be supporting my campaign to take that record to Concord."


Morse stands alone as the sole candidate with a tangible record of defending our 2nd Amendment rights, reducing taxes for small businesses and homeowners, vehemently opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants, advocating for education freedom, and prioritizing an America-first energy policy.

Morse has a proven record of substantive accomplishments that he consistently delivered while in the NH Senate. Ayotte's rhetoric on the campaign trail may mimic conservative ideals, but her actions during her one term in the United States Senate often retreated from these principles.

As a border state, it is critical that our NH Governor take a firm stand against illegal immigration. While in the United States Senate, Kelly Ayotte voted for the "Gang of Eight" immigration reform bill that would have given citizenship to the people who entered the United States illegally.

Having served with Chuck Morse in the NH legislature, Fran Wendleboe states, "There is not anyone better qualified and prepared to be Governor than Chuck Morse. His actions and accomplishments reflect the qualities of a genuine conservative leader. In addition, Morse's track record, for over a decade, was dedicated to delivering concrete results for Granite State families, which instills our trust that he will seamlessly continue this successful legacy from day one."

Chuck Morse has a long history of advocating for conservative principles in New Hampshire. During his tenure as the longest-serving Senate President in New Hampshire history, he played a pivotal role in balancing the budget, cutting taxes for small businesses, phasing out the interest & dividends tax, and providing property tax relief for working families. During his tenure, New Hampshire also passed Education Freedom Accounts and Constitutional Carry. His leadership has contributed to New Hampshire's status as the leader in economic freedom, boasting the lowest poverty rate in the nation and being the top state for taxpayer return on investment.