Chuck Morse Announces Campaign for Governor

July 19, 2023

Salem, NH - Granite State Small Businessman and former New Hampshire Senate President Chuck Morse released the following statement announcing his 2024 Campaign for New Hampshire Governor:

"Like most everyone else in New Hampshire I’m thankful for everything that Governor Sununu has done to make New Hampshire the state it is today.

I’m proud to have worked with him to put together a conservative, pro-jobs, pro-growth, family first economic agenda that has made New Hampshire the envy of New England and the nation. We lead the nation in economic freedom. We have the lowest poverty rate in the nation and are the number one state for taxpayer return on investment.

Now that he’s decided not to run for re-election, I’m announcing that I am running for Governor to build on those successes.

Year in and year out New Hampshire ranks among the best states to live in.

It’s not an accident and it’s not luck either.

It’s because we elect conservative who get results.

It’s what I did as Senate President and it’s what I’ll do as Governor.

I want to put my experience and leadership to work for the people of New Hampshire to keep moving forward on a path of growth and prosperity for all."