Ayotte Forces Cancellation of Rockingham County GOP Gubernatorial Debate

April 30, 2024

Salem, NH - In response to the cancellation of the Rockingham County Republican Committee's gubernatorial debate, former Senate President Chuck Morse voiced his concerns regarding Kelly Ayotte's refusal to participate.

"Kelly Ayotte seems to have ample time to arrange debates with Democrats but simultaneously declines to engage in Republican primary debates, such as the one organized by the Rockingham County Republican Committee," remarked Chuck Morse.

"It's evident that Kelly has spent too much time in Washington if she believes she can evade scrutiny of her record here in the Granite State. I am calling on her to participate in ten Republican primary debates, one in each county, providing every voter with the opportunity to compare our respective records.

"Given her history of supporting amnesty, voting against school choice, her abysmally weak stance on the second amendment, and her total abandonment of President Trump, it's understandable if she dodges this challenge as well."