Morse Calls For Action Against Antisemitism on UNH Campus

December 21, 2023

Salem, NH - Senator Chuck Morse, New Hampshire's longest-serving Senate President, calls on University of New Hampshire President James Dean to take a stand against the anti-Semitic harassment that has taken root on their Durham Campus.

"During the course of this conflict, UNH President James Dean has prioritized progressive activism at the expense of ensuring the safety and well-being of his students," Stated Senator Morse.

“Instances of offensive language at student rallies, disturbing displays of swastikas in bathrooms, and the unsettling presence of anti-Semitic hate speech, even within the University's own faculty, have left the Jewish community on campus feeling marginalized and without adequate support. I have started a petition to stand up for our Jewish community at UNH, and call upon President James Dean to do the same.

"This petition serves as a rallying point for concerned citizens, students, faculty, and alumni alike, all of whom are deeply committed to fostering a secure and inclusive educational environment. It seeks immediate action against professors who espouse anti-Semitic rhetoric, inviting individuals to add their names in solidarity and demand necessary changes."

Today a majority of New Hampshire State Senators sent a letter to University of New Hampshire President James Dean, asking the school to stand up to anti-Semitic harassment on the UNH Campus. Over the last several weeks instances of anti-semitic aggression and rhetoric has spread throughout the UNH Campus.