Morse Declares: New Hampshire Stands With Texas

January 25, 2024

Salem, NH - Senator Chuck Morse, New Hampshire's longest-serving Senate President, unequivocally declares his full support for Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas families grappling with the border crisis.

"I know I speak for a majority of Granite Staters when I say, New Hampshire stands with Texas.

"Having witnessed the deteriorating open border situation since my 2022 visit, it's clear that the Biden administration not only tolerates but actively promotes migrant crossings.

"Safeguarding American families and communities must be our top priority. I proudly stand with Governor Abbott. As Governor, I’ll vehemently oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants and work to secure both our northern and southern borders."


The failure of the Biden Administration to protect states against invasion, as mandated by Article IV, § 4, has prompted Texas to invoke its constitutional right of self-defense under Article I, § 10, Clause 3. This declaration of invasion allows Texas to defend and protect itself, with the Texas National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and other personnel taking action under state law to secure the Texas border. This constitutional authority supersedes any conflicting federal statutes.