Morse Denounces Judicial Overreach

December 20, 2023

Salem, NH - Senator Chuck Morse, New Hampshire's longest-serving Senate President, voices concern over recent actions taken by liberal-appointed judges in both Colorado and New Hampshire, posing a threat to the democratic process and disregarding the will of the people.

“They can’t beat Donald Trump at the ballot box so they are trying to beat him in the courts. What we are witnessing in Colorado is a blatant attempt to end democracy as we know it,” stated Senator Morse.

"Just like here in New Hampshire, when Democrats can’t win in the legislature they go to the courts. The recent education funding decision by an unelected judge in our Granite State brings us perilously close to the introduction of an income tax, a policy I have consistently opposed during my tenure as Senate President.

"This pattern of judicial overreach jeopardizes the essence of democracy and undermines the will of the people. We must stand united in demanding accountability to ensure that decisions affecting our nation and state are made through transparent, democratic channels, rather than being dictated by the whims of a select few on the bench."

Chuck Morse has a long history of uniting Republicans in advocating for conservative principles in New Hampshire. As the longest-serving Senate President in New Hampshire history, he played a pivotal role in balancing the budget, cutting taxes for small businesses, phasing out the interest & dividends tax, and providing property tax relief for working families. New Hampshire also passed Education Freedom Accounts and Constitutional Carry during his tenure. His leadership has contributed to New Hampshire's status as the leader in economic freedom, boasting the lowest poverty rate in the nation and being the top state for taxpayer return on investment.