Morse Endorses Trump in FITN Primary

Morse Endorses Trump in FITN Primary

December 16, 2023

Salem, NH - New Hampshire's longest-serving Senate President, successful small business owner, and candidate for Governor Chuck Morse endorsed Donald J. Trump for President.

"As I’ve campaigned for Governor, I tell people it’s not an accident that New Hampshire ranks among the best states to live in and that our economy is the envy of New England and the country. And it’s not luck either.

"It’s because we elect conservatives who get results. That is what I did as State Senate President and it’s what Donald Trump did as President.

"It was no accident that when he was President, we were energy independent, gas prices were down and we produced the kind of energy that powers our economy.

"It was no accident that when he was President, we had the greatest economy in our nation’s history with little to no inflation, low interest rates, and unemployment through the floor.

"It was no accident that when he was President the border was secure and we stopped the flow of crime, drugs, and human trafficking.

"Because Donald Trump understands that our nation’s security and our family’s security begins at the border.

"Next year we need to elect a conservative who gets results. That is why I’m endorsing Donald Trump to be our next President. And I invite everyone  to join me in working over the next 37 days to ensure Donald Trump wins our New Hampshire primary!"

Chuck Morse has a long history of uniting Republicans in advocating for conservative principles in New Hampshire. As the longest-serving Senate President in New Hampshire history, he played a pivotal role in balancing the budget, cutting taxes for small businesses, phasing out the interest & dividends tax, and providing property tax relief for working families. New Hampshire also passed Education Freedom Accounts and Constitutional Carry during his tenure. His leadership has contributed to New Hampshire's status as the leader in economic freedom, boasting the lowest poverty rate in the nation and being the top state for taxpayer return on investment.