Senate Majority Whip and U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Regina Birdsell Endorses Chuck Morse for Governor

April 26, 2024

Salem, NH - Today, Senate Majority Whip and U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Regina Birdsell, released the following statement endorsing Chuck Morse for Governor:

"Chuck Morse has dedicated a majority of his life to serving our Granite State, and he is the leader we can trust to deliver as our next Governor," stated Senator Birdsell.

"Having collaborated with Chuck Morse in the Senate, I can truthfully say that no one worked harder or invested more hours in driving the passage of many conservative successes such as constitutional carry, education freedom accounts, and curbing government overreach than Chuck. Without Chuck, many of these conservative successes would have been impossible to achieve.

"As Senate President, Chuck demonstrated that effective leadership is not just about talking the talk, but also about delivering tangible results. While every other candidate in this race is backed by special interests, only Chuck Morse can be relied upon to champion the interests of Granite State families."

Chuck Morse added:

"I'm proud to have the support of Senator Regina Birdsell. She is a staunch advocate for conservative principles in the New Hampshire Senate and I look forward to working with her to continue our work in keeping New Hampshire the envy of the nation!"